Reasons Why Bail Is Still Used

We understand the judicial system and how the bail bonds process works. There is much more to bail bonds than what the public sees. As a United States citizen, we have more rights than people in other countries. It isn't a perfect system, but it does work and bail bonds are a part of it.

What Bail Bonds Do 

Bail is expensive and most people do not have access to large amounts of cash at a moment's notice. A bail bond company can offer financial assistance in the form of bail money that will help get a loved one out of jail. It has taken several years to create a system that works, but thanks to the dedicated efforts of our lawmakers, a delicate balance between has been achieved between valuing a person's rights and keeping the public safe.

People with Limited Funds 

Bail bonds were created to allow people the opportunity to be released from jail so they could keep their jobs and care for their families. In the past, it was not uncommon for people to be kept in jail for lengthy periods of time, only to have their charges dropped. 

While the bail system seems to be discriminatory against individuals with limited funds, bail bonds agents are available to create balance. Of all the possible solutions, a bail bond agency is the most efficient and the most fair to all involved. By using a bail bondsman, a person can post bail and be released from jail without having to worry if they have the financial means to cover the entire bond amount.

A Happy Medium 

The bail system we have in place today was put in place in 1960. Many reforms were introduced that allowed the posting of bail to guarantee a defendant's appearance in court. As long as a person was not a flight risk, violent or dangerous, they could post bail and go home.

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